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10 Keyword Analysis— key to Seo Basics

A keyword is an important word that plays an important role in an online content. A key can open a padlock, so is a keyword that will tell the search engine what a site is, a link, a web page if it is present in the content.

1. Content keywords

These are the overall important words that can call visitors to your website either from Search Engines or anywhere your website contents appear.

2. Focus Keyword(s)

A focus keyword is a strong keyword that focus on your goal . An example is a rice Manufacturer, the focus keyword is Rice.

3. Subordinate Keyword(s)

Focus keywords can not exist alone just like a king, they need subordinates that must feature them either on a SERP or in a search query.  Rice if searched alone on Google will favor Wikipedia, ads and little few high authority webpages which your website may not be favourably featured. This is where you need keyword subordinates like Rice Manufacturer, Rice Dealer, Rice Factory, Rice Supplier, Rice Distribution, Rice Distributor, Rice Production, Rice Production Company, Rice Marketer, Rice Benefits, Rice Processing, Rice Marketer, Rice Production Agency and lots more. People can’t do without adding subordinates to their queries while searching on Google and other search engines. Surely these Subordinate keywords will link to your webpage.

4. GeoTarget keyword(s)

It usually a keyword to target customers. Do not confuse the meaning to focus keyword. This is a form of targeting an audience from a particular location (Nigeria), (India).

5. Phrasal keywords

This type of keyword should not be confused to subordinate keyword, it is a group of keywords that form a block of keywords. An example is Online Marketing Agency, Internet Marketing Agency, Web design Agency, Web design Company.  As you can see, none of these important keywords can exist with a single companion otherwise it will not portray the full meaning of the business. It is commonly known as a query, if searched on a search engine is called a search query (SQ).


6. Favorable keyword

A favorable keyword is one which your position is within the range of 1 to 16. For example, our agency is highly favored with the keyword ‘Webclick’ or ‘Web Click’ when users search on Google. We are ranked on the first page. Our impression has increase on Google. This is just the Genesis,  we are still approaching the revelation.

7. Trending keyword

Clap for yourself, if you have ever trend a keyword successfully. It is a running keyword on a system be it a search engine or other webpages. A real-time event or activity may contribute to the trending of a keyword. A keyword may be trended by a hashtag if you want to gain insight into it. “#GoDigitalNigeria” , “France vs Italy” , “India vs South Africa” 

8. Link-to keyword

Link-to keyword is a keyword you link to because it is a trending keyword or a highly favored keyword in other to obtain traffic. There are many strategic ways to do this because of the side effect. We link-to “Web Click” as a top suggest keywords and it favor our agency.

9.  Variant keywords 

They are keywords that are related or synonymous to a primary keyword. An example is Market which have other variants like marketing, markets, marketed and market’s. Google search encourages variant keywords because people go for alternative or variant keywords if they can’t find what they are looking for.

10. Keyword Density 

Keyword density is the total occurrence or number of of a content keyword. For example, our website contain more than 18,000 occurrence of the keyword “Marketing” in our contents  .


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