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WebClick affiliate program provides a great opportunity for you to earn some extra cash! Some affiliate programs over the Internet use cookies or memorize clients’ IP addresses to track down the purchase and reward the re-seller, unfortunately these programs don’t always work. IP addresses are constantly changing and browsers may be set up not to accept cookies or may even be blocked by a firewall. In such cases, the purchase may have been made, unfortunately the affiliate doesn’t receive the commission for their referral.

After a careful review of various affiliate programs, WebClick is proud to introduce a real solution that works which doesn’t track IP addresses or use cookies. With our new affiliate program, you can refer clients to WebClick over the phone, in email, social media platform, in business meetings, or even walking down the street! Internet access is not required.

How Our Affiliate Program Works

It’s very simple. When you sign up to be a Webclick affiliate, you will receive a banner code and coupon number by email. There are two options you can use to advertise our services on your website -a banner or a simple text announcement (see both options below at the bottom of this page). Simply place the banner code, or text code on your website and you’re ready to go! You can give your coupon number to anyone who might be interested in a web design services, digital marketing services and branding services, maybe even someone who knows who may be interested.

All they have to do is enter your coupon number when they order our logo design or web design services online. Not only will you earn 10% each time one of your referrals purchases a service from our site, but clients will be motivated to use your coupon because it means they will receive a discount on whatever service they are buying.

Please note that Coupons placed on any major coupon collection sites will not be counted!

You will be able to track the number of sales generated with your coupon in the members area located on our website. Once a month WebClick will be making transfers to all WebClick affiliates via Bank deposit. You can withdraw funds at any time simply by emailing WebClick with your request.

Benefits for Joining Affiliate Program

  • You will receive 10% for every referral that uses your coupon when they order a service.
  • Clients are motivated to use your coupon because they will receive a discount on any service they order for in Web design, digital marketing and branding.
  • Clients can use your coupon more than once or pass it on to a friend!
  • Does not require Internet access, you can refer clients over the phone, or in person.
  • Totally free to you. No fees or commitment required.
  • Up-front payment. You get paid immediately when the client makes their first payment. No cash-out minimums, or any nonsense.
  • When customers use your coupon, we will be able to track their purchase no matter how long it takes them to activate the coupon. If they decide to contact us and end up booking a site, you’ll still receive a commission. Better still, affiliate coupon never expire.
  • Unlimited earnings. Our projects range in price from 5,000-1,000,000. No matter how big
    the project, you still earn 10%.
  • Choose from a variety of specialty banners, text ads and exclusive offers only released to our Affiliates. New assets released on a regular schedule so your offers are always current.

Who Can Join?

Anyone can be an affiliate. But we prefer from the following categories:

  • INDIVIDUALS: Share your coupon through word-of-mouth or through online marketing methods like PPC, SEO, email marketing, and the like.
  • BLOGGERS: Post our press releases with your affiliate coupon, or a banner on your site to make huge money on referrals.
  • PUBLISHERS: Drive leads through online marketing methods like PPC, SEO, email marketing, and the like.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Webclick Affiliate Program?
An affiliate marketer is a person or company that sends visitors to the Webclick website from special links or banners, in exchange for getting commission based on the transaction amount.

Who can join the Webclick Affiliate Program?
Webclick reserves the right to decide who is eligible for the program. Customers are not allowed to get commission on their own service.

Appropriate affiliate partners include internet marketers, website owners, bloggers, coupon sites and review sites. If you drive traffic to your site and think your visitors would be interested in Webclick services then you can get a commission for any order that was placed under your coupon.

When will I receive my commission check?
You will receive your commission in your bank account as soon as a payment is made. However, commission must be at least ₦5000.

I have a question and need help who can I speak to?
Please contact the Webclick Affiliate Management team via email at affiliates@webclick.com.ng

Affiliate Program Application Form

Affiliate Program Application Form
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  3. Phone Number:
  4. Email:
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  6. Website:
  7. Address:
  8. City:
  9. State:
  10. Estimated sales volume per month (₦):
  11. Industry:
  12. Your Role:
  13. Briefly tell us how you will promote our program.

Thanks for registering as an affiliate. One of our representative will contact you soon.

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