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2017 best Seo in Nigeria with Webclick

During August Webclick marketing strategy meeting we discussed how we will add more power to our marketing strategy in 2017 because of the increasing numbers of Internet users in Nigeria and in the world. We have 49 marketing strategies which helps provide quality assuring services to target our customers’ goal . Webclick seek free partnership […]

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4 reasons to clap for your business during holidays

Holidays are free time for everyone to do more in everything. They are often time for sharing gifts, going on vacation, shopping for more items, more sales, eating more, more products, more adverts, more services, more profits and lots more. More has often been a common word during holidays when advertising products and services. [wc_fa […]

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Keywords vs SQ—The magnetic force in Search Engines

Magnets attract and repel so are keywords and search queries (SQ) . The strength of a website to gain more impression on search engines are the the keywords.  Regardless of the keyword format, there is a common relationship between keywords and search queries which is the linking of the content keyword and the SQ keyword. Although […]

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Foetid post Title —A call to website traffic ?

A dedicated post to get traffic from people is one which when people see can’t do without clicking,viewing and commenting. It is a call-to-action title which people can’t do without. One of them is a foetid post which may be found offensive or bias, people can’t do without expressing their view on articles like that, […]

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Subscribe to Online Marketing Agency by Email Our free newsletter Channel is live and free on air for our clients soon and the public. Kindly subscribe Above to receive important updates from us! Benefits of Subscription : Free Updates on digital marketing news Free updates on promotional offers Free updates on emergency Internet news Free […]

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