[wm_text_block]We here at WebClick think knowledge is power. WebClick is working in partnership with schools across Nigeria. Our main objective is to help schools follow modern digital promotion and communication technology that is more affordable and easily accessible so as to be able to promote their schools seamlessly while saving thousands in Naira. Hence, we offer super-fast turnaround and very competitive prices on important education services and print materials, including calendars personalized with your school’s logo, event tickets, recruitment brochures, bookmarks, envelopes and more. We also offer special website design package for schools and educational institutions.

Are your online and offline promotional efforts working for your school? If not, joining Project SPME (School Promotion Made Easy) may just make the difference.

The Project SPME (School Promotion Made Easy) is an intervention program by WebClick to help schools across Nigeria to re-position their promotional and marketing effort to be in sinc with current global digital technology development in the education sector.

Project SPME Features

This project may include design or redesign of school promotional tools and materials such as: Letterhead, Logo, School Badge, Students & Staff ID, Complementary Cards, Calendar, Score Cards, Receipt, Banner, Poster, Result Sheet, Certificate, Flyer / Handbill, Brochure, School Forms.

The Project will also include the following services for a token or up to 50% discount:

  • Bulk SMS alert for students, parents and staff (cheap rate)
  • Google My Business listing for your school for local SEO
  • Special listing in Google Local Guide program for your city, Facebook places and other school directories
  • Fresh school website design or redesign
  • Fresh school blog design or redesign
  • Social Media account setup and promotion (Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Youtube)
  • SEO consulting for current school website (if applicable)
  • Facebook and Google Adword Ad campaign creation and management
  • Digital archiving (on request)

The Need For This Project

  • Our research shows that many school’s promotional materials and tools have become obsolete and fallen short of current technological development resulting in poor printing services.
  • Many schools have lost the original design of their promotional materials and forms making it impossible for them to make changes and use them wherever and whenever they want.
  • Increase in parents’ access to technology and communications tools and gadgets has made it necessary for schools to change from analogue to digital communication to reach a large number of parents and the general public. Hence, the need for redesign of their promotional materials and tools.
  • Having all your promotional tools and materials design or redesign for you will help you maintain brand identity for long term success.
  • Many school owners may have relocated or create more schools or branches, hence the need to redesign promotional tools and materials to reflect this development.
  • Lack of proper communication between schools and the media on activities taking place in schools.


As an Official Education Partner you will receive the following benefits;

  • Your School Logo and link to your school website will be added to our Education Partners page
  • Professional printed brochures, information sheets, booklets and calendars to help your school shine.
  • Media broadcasting of school activities with WebClick Newspaper, TV & Radio media partners.
  • Opportunities for media interviews with WebClick media partners.
  • Invitation to your school to participate in special academic contest.
  • Don’t have a website? We will offer you special 30% coupon discount on our School Web design service to education partners. Simply use it on your order.
  • Invitation to attend WebClick Digital Promotion workshop for school proprietors.
  • Invitation to participate in Virtual Learning Environment workshop for school owners.
  • Get your promotional tools wherever and whenever you need them.
  • Provided you refer a minimum of three people, you will receive a complimentary WebClick Main Event Pass.
  • Save money and time from redesign with free access to original file from your storage or the cloud.
  • Reach parents, public and the media easily with your online promotional tools.
  • You will earn cash affiliate referral commission per person for each referral from your coupon that registers after using your affiliate coupon link, click here to join our affiliate program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to join the program?
You must be an education institution, or be able to prove education is the core part of your business. Please fill out the application form below.

How do the different discounts work?
If you are approved to join our program, you will automatically receive a coupon code to get 10% discount on any non-printing services and 30% discount on web design service. To get a 15% discount on non-printing services, put an affiliate coupon to Webclick on your website (with or without your coupon code for your staff and students to use), and then send the coupon location to info@webclick.com.ng. Once the link is verified, your coupon code will be upgraded to a 15% off code. Please note this link can be checked at any time, and if it is found to no longer be valid, your discount will revert back to 10% off or will be revoked. If you don\’t have a website, we offer 30% on web design services, simply ask.

How fast will my application be processed?
Your application will be processed within 2 to 3 business days. If you have a pending order, please let us know when you submit your application, and we will attempt to process your request as fast as we can. If the order is urgent, feel free to submit it and email us your order number. If your account is approved, we can refund any discount or sales tax as needed.

How do I get pricing for items not available on your website?
Please fill out and return the Custom Quote Form that will be included in your welcome package. If you need another form, contact your account manager at partners@webclick.com.ng

I don’t know where to start; do you offer graphic design services?
Yes, we do. Check out our graphic design services page on the website to learn more.

I already have a designer for my school, can you work with them?
Yes, we can. Simply inform us and we will collaborate with your school designer. However, your chosen designer must be abreast with latest technology development in the digital media and the printing industry.

How It Works

It’s very simple. There will be an initial 30 minutes free consultation in person or through phone call where you indicate which of the promotional tools you want in registration form for Project SPME. Make payment for printable design and pay for any service(s) that is not free. WebClick will design and show you sample of your promotional tools and make necessary changes on request. We will deliver your tools to you and keep digital copies of all your promotional tools and materials in the cloud and offline. Thereafter, you can simply call us to reprint any of the material without extra design cost. Finally, we will move your school to our Education Partners platform for maximum benefits

When you sign up to be a Webclick Education Partner, you will receive a coupon number by email. All you have to do is enter your coupon number when you order for any of our services including web design, graphic design, stationery design and printing, promotional packages and so on. In addition to the coupon, you can also sign up for our affiliate program to be able to earn when you refer someone to our events. There are two simple steps to apply.

  • Sign up to the FREE WebClick Affiliate Program to get your unique affiliate referral link (you will need this to earn affiliate commission on referrals). Click here to sign up now, then;
  • After you have signed up, submit the application form below and you will be notified if your application has been successful by WebClick Event Management team within 24-48 hours. You will then be issued your discounted coupon.
Ready To Join Us?
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  2. By applying to be an official Website Education Partner, you agree that you will be admitted into Project SPME and also confirm that you have read and agree to be bound by Webclick Partner Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (together, the "Terms").

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