[wm_text_block]We have fantastic exhibiting opportunities at WebClick Events in 2016. Each year WebClick will hold a number of networking events across the country.

These offer companies the opportunity to exhibit their products and services to a large and relevant audience of industry professionals.

Exhibitor Sponsorship Features

The standard Exhibiting Sponsorship package includes the features below.

    • Acknowledgement as Sponsor inside Event Guide
    • Acknowledgement as Sponsor on Official WebClick Mobile App
    • Social Profile, Company Info and Contact Info listed on Exhibitor Profile Page on Official WebClick Mobile App
    • 6’ Table with two chairs and trash can.
    • 6’ 4-sided Table Throw
    • Electrical access
    • Company logo displayed on the main event back wall display in break area
    • Company logo displayed on the event banner in break area
    • Company logo displayed on the event banner at venue entrance
    • Company logo displayed on the exhibitor banner in the exhibition area
    • Company logo included in PowerPoint presentations during the Event
    • Thank you from the podium to your company for sponsoring during Event General Session
    • Banner, hyperlink and acknowledgement as Sponsor on conference website
    • Acknowledgement as Sponsor in conference promotional material
    • Acknowledgement as Sponsor in conference social media messages
    • 2 x WebClick 2016 Exhibitor Passes

Higher Sponsorship Levels include additional features such as; Larger Exhibit Space, Premium Exhibit Positioning, Keynote Speaking Slots, Event Bag Items and Inserts, Networking Events, Program Guide Advertisements and more.

Why Exhibit?

Stand out from the crowd – being an exhibitor will highlight you and your business to a captive audience. Our events attract large numbers of digital marketing professionals, including potential customers!

Create, develop and enhance your credibility in the industry. Being an exhibitor also increases your visibility, and is a great PR and marketing tool!

From lead generation to brand awareness and thought-leadership positioning, you will surely find the right mix of added value opportunities to meet your very special needs.

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Find Out More

Don’t miss the exciting opportunity to promote and sell your products at an upcoming WebClick Event in 2016. If you would like more information about exhibiting opportunities submit the form below.

Exhibiting Inquiry
  1. Preferred Contact Method  Email Phone
  2. State:

Thanks for contacting us as per Exhibiting Inquiry. One of our representative will contact you soon.

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Pre-register to attend any of our Events in your region and receive special discounted coupon.

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Affiliate Program

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Reseller Program

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Partner with us

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Sponsorship Program

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