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Facebook Tips for Getting More Facebook Likes from Your Posts

Facebook tips for getting more likes

Recently while experimenting on  a Facebook tips for getting more likes on Facebook, I came across a quick technique for growing your Facebook page likes. I think would be particularly useful for anyone with a smaller to medium-sized Facebook page.

In fact it’s something that is only available to those who have a Facebook page with under 80,000 people following it (sorry to those of you with bigger ones).

The Technique for Getting More Facebook Page Likes

OK – before we start. For this to work you need a Facebook Page that you own (it doesn’t work on a Facebook ‘Profile’).

Your page also needs to have less than 80,000 followers.

You need to be logged into Facebook on a desktop computer (it doesn’t work on mobile) and you need to be logged in as your personal profile and not your page.

Head to your Facebook Page. I am doing this with my WebclickNG Facebook page.

Find a post that you’ve done that has had at least a few likes from people. You want to find one where
people’s names are listed as liking the post and then Facebook says something like ‘and 20 others’ like the one I’m illustrating below.



This only works if it has that ‘XX others’ which is a link. Click the link and a popup opens up that lists everyone who liked the post as follows.




This popup tells you all the people who have liked your page and as you scroll through it you’ll notice next to most people it has a button that either says ‘Liked’ (for those who have already liked your page) or ‘Invite’ for those who are yet to like your page (these people probably saw your post because someone else shared it).

If you click that ‘invite button’ you will be sending them a message from your Facebook profile inviting them to like your page.

Not everyone will do it but on the tests I’ve already done I’ve found that 15-30% of people seem to accept the invitation.

It works for a few reasons – you’re inviting people who have shown an interest in something you’ve done before and are probably familiar with your brand and by doing so they’ve hopefully shown an interest in your topic.

What to keep in mind:

1. The invitation comes from your personal profile and not from your page name. This might seem a bit odd to those receiving the invitations depending upon the type of page you run. I will probably do it on a page which is more of a personal brand or business brand.

2. The more recent the person liked your post the more likely they are to accept the invitation. I wouldn’t suggest going back through your last 3 years of Facebook posts and doing this on anyone who has ever liked a post. Rather I think this is a technique that will be much more effective if it is done soon after a person likes your post. It might be a once or twice a day job that you can do as part of a routine.

I hope you find this quick tip helpful. Please let me know how it goes for you!

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