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Foetid post Title —A call to website traffic ?

A dedicated post to get traffic from people is one which when people see can’t do without clicking,viewing and commenting. It is a call-to-action title which people can’t do without.

One of them is a foetid post which may be found offensive or bias, people can’t do without expressing their view on articles like that, just leave the post, allow all comments, encourage shares, don’t worry about the article your website impression will increase for Seo related purposes. It should be betterly practiced by a news media vendor. One have to be very careful with such article because there could be a fall in the numbers of users,subscribers and fans of the media followers.

Examples of Foetid post Titles :

  • See how the president make a parent cry 

The content of the article is how the president helped a parent by offering scholarship award for their children. The incident caused the parents to cry joyfully.

  • Millions might be hacked soon 

The content of the article is how to secure oneself’s privacy online in other to avoid being hacked.

Before creating a Call-to-Action post title like a foetid post title you have to observe or consider important factors like your audience, demographics, location, interest and more.



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