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The New Google Local Business Feature and how it affect businesses

Have Seen The New Google LB Features?
We all need customers either new or existing , you probably feature your business on Google local business listing. If you have not, kindly leave what you are doing now and start listing your business right now here.
I will tell you five great features of Google local business listing service and the latest feature that blew my mind. First of all, after clicking on the link above to list your business then you have to select whether the business is a location or brand. It is recommended to be a location. Below are the features that makes Google local business listing great :

1.Contact Phone

Users or Searchers can click on the call button make your phone ring and converse with you via telephone. This is the fastest means of connection between two-party, it is really a month-to-month deal without Internet service. This is better than any other Voip connection. 

2. Get direction

When people search for services or goods you offer, the get direction button can help them navigate to your business location. Your business already have a service area capacity, so Google won’t fail to reach your audience within those geographical areas  This feature will show them the direction from their location to your business location.

3. Website

This is a great feature if the business own a personal website as the button will drive quality interest based targets to your website without bounce back activity. It also help fetch unique and quality website traffic with goal conversion activities. If you own no personal website, you may insert a link that point to an external interactive and popular page online. No matter how great your business listing may perform, a business owned website will make it more professional.

Recently Google added a free small business website to their services, allowing small local businesses to create a small website for their businesses. The domain format is businessname.business.site 

This service will enable businesses to reach more audience and share their business website with customers and the public.

4. Create Posts (Newest Feature) 

This is the newest feature on Google My Business listing. You can create a post with Learn more, Sign up, Reverse, Buy, Get Offer and Even event posts. Posts will generate more traffic lead ahead your competitors. The posts with images are the most compelling to any user that view it. Your posts can include external link to a video, product or service.

5. Insight

This is an intelligent tool which analyse how customers search for your business and how they interact with it. Where customers view your business whether on Search or Map, visits to your website, clicks on your call and others who attempt direction to your business. Recent photos also play important roles in businesses, that is why this tool will also analysis numbers of people who view your photos.





How can these features contribute to your business development? Click here. 
I shall discuss this with you sooner, please stay tuned !

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