[wm_text_block]We want to help good people do good things. Our non-profit partnership can help your organization grow beyond bound. We support your non-profit with the quality print marketing materials you need to make sure your organization gets the attention and respect it deserves.

We also offer special website design packages to draw national and international awareness about your organization. Just Ask.

How It Works

It’s very simple. When you sign up to be a Webclick partner, you will receive a coupon number by email. All you have to do is enter your coupon number when you order for any of our non-printing services including web design, graphic design, stationery design, promotional packages and so on.

Benefits of Non-Profit Partnership

  • Products designed to promote your events, such as banners and tickets; and items to spread the word, such as brochures, business cards, and direct mailers.
  • Resources that extend (or make up) your marketing department.
  • Monthly newsletter with fresh marketing tips to promote your nonprofit.
  • Put your funds where they are needed most with our rotating website specials plus a 15% savings on non-printing services.*
  • Does your school need more support? Once accepted into our program, simply publish a link from your school site to ours and send it to us. Upon verification, your coupon code will be upgraded to 15% off.*
  • Don’t have a website? We will offer you special 30% coupon discount on our Non-profit Web design service. Simply use it on your order
  • Webclick gives back! Contact us if you have a special event coming up. You may qualify for Graphic design, Web design or promotion Sponsorship. Check out our Sponsorship Program
*Discount applicable on non-printing items. Not valid with any other coupons, specials or shipping fees unless otherwise noted.

Promotional Benefits for Events

  • Listing Non-profit Partners on all marketing collaterals in Events organized by the partner
  • Dedicated link to your Partner website
  • Event mailers
  • Discounted advertisement in the official events program book
  • Complimentary insertion (one page flyer) in all attendee events bags. T & S Apply.
  • Recognition during WebClick and on the social media websites we have a presence

Role of the Non-Profit Partner

Below are the minimum required activities to apply for our Non-Profit Partnership:

  • Announcement (Featured Discussion) – Send a minimum of one Announcement on a monthly basis and make it a Featured Discussion inviting members to attend WebClick Events and your organization as an Official Media Partner (which includes your unique referral coupon to earn Affiliate Commissions).
  • Request to Join Message Email Template – Add a paragraph to the ‘Request to Join’ Email Template that is sent to new members automatically giving details about WebClick Events and your organization as an Official Media Partner.
  • Welcome Message Email Template – Add a paragraph to the ‘Welcome Message’ Email Template that is sent to new members automatically giving details about WebClick Events and your organization as an Official Non-Pr Partner.
  • Share the Official press release announcing the partnership if your application is approved.

FAQs About Non-Profit Partnership

What are the requirements to join the program?
You must be a nonprofit/NGO registered with CAC. Please fill out the application form below to apply.

How fast will my application be processed?
Your application will be processed within 2 to 3 business days. If you have a pending order, please let us know when you submit your application, and we will attempt to process your request as fast as we can. If the order is urgent, feel free to submit it and email your order number. If your account is approved, we can refund any discount that would have been applicable on your most recent order at that time.

How do I get pricing for items not available on your website?
Please fill out and return the Custom Quote Form that will be included in your welcome package. If you need another form, contact your account manager at partners@webclick.com.ng.

Do you offer templates or other resources online that I can utilize?
Yes, we have multiple templates for your use.

I don’t know where to start; do you offer graphic design and web design services?
Yes, we do. Check out our graphic design and web design services page on the website to learn more.

Interested in being One of Our Non-Profit Partners?

If you would like to become one of our Non-Profit Partners, submit the application form below and you will be notified if your application has been successful by WebClick within 24-48 hours.

Non-Profit Partnership Contact Info
  1.  Phone Email
  2. State:
Non-Profit Info
  1.  Yes, I agree
  2. By applying to be an official Website Non-Profit Partner, you confirm that you have read and agree to be bound by the Webclick Partner Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (together, the "Terms").

Field mark * are required

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Pre-register to attend any of our Events in your region and receive special discounted coupon.

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Affiliate Program

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Reseller Program

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Partner with us

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Sponsorship Program

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Non-Profit Partnership

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