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PPC For Hospitals & Healthcare

PPC For Hospitals & Healthcare

Companies in every industry can benefit from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and this is especially true for hospitals. In fact, it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to attract new patients because it allows you to connect with them when they’re actively searching for a healthcare provider.

With laser-like focus, PPC will put your ads in front of people when they’re ready to act. Plus, in the healthcare field—perhaps more than any other industry—people are driven to find information and react quickly. Potential patients are already online researching their symptoms and concerns, and with PPC ads, you can be there when they’re ready to make an appointment.

If you’re not yet using PPC as part of your hospital’s marketing strategy, call +2347066999466 to speak with a strategist about how Webclick can create and manage effective campaigns to help you attract more patients, or keep reading to learn why this channel is so valuable within the healthcare industry.What exactly is hospital PPC marketing?

PPC stands for pay per click, meaning that you pay a fee each time your ad is clicked. This means that you never have to pay to simply have your ads displayed—you only get charged when someone actually clicks through to your website.

You can run these ads in a variety of places online, but some of the most popular are search engines like Google. These ads appear at the top of the page and beside the regular results, and you can choose which searches you want your ads to display for.

As a hospital, you could choose to use keywords like “hospital in Lagos” or “pediatric hospital”. When users search for those terms, they’ll see your ad. And if they click on it, you’ll pay a small fee for them to come to your site.

What’s the best program for hospitals to use for PPC advertising?

Google’s paid advertising program, Google AdWords, has the widest reach of any PPC platform. It also has a selection of tools to help you select keywords and set bids, so you have complete control over your budget.

Considering that roughly 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day, AdWords is a powerful way to reach new people interested in your hospital.

Bing Ads works the same way. Although it’s not as popular as AdWords, it still handles around 4 billion searches per week — making it a program you don’t want to ignore. There is less competition on Bing Ads, too, meaning that it typically offers a lower cost per click and is a good opportunity to be competitive at a low cost.

Why is PPC beneficial for hospitals?

There are many hospitals out there that don’t use PPC advertising, meaning that you put yourself at an advantage simply by using it to attract search engine users. It can also help your hospital gain more site traffic and brand awareness.

Plus, it’s extremely valuable to get in front of potential patients when they’re researching their options. For instance, if someone in your city searches for “eye surgery + [your city],” chances are high that they’re looking for a surgeon—or will need one in the near future.

It can be difficult to rank organically for popular search terms, especially if you’re a smaller hospital in a larger town. With PPC, however, you can ensure your hospital displays for some of those search queries.

Beyond this, there are other ways that PPC can benefit your online marketing efforts. Here are two:


It’s wise to share data between SEO and PPC analytics. Google AdWords provides information about your keyword performance, so you can:

  • See which keywords are driving traffic
  • Discover which lead to the most conversions

This will allow you to use SEO and PPC together for the best possible results.


PPC offers search query reports that show keywords people search for, which is valuable information that your hospital can use to its benefit.

Here’s an example: Your hospital just purchased new heart monitors that utilize cutting-edge technology, so you’re going to create and publish a longform content piece about ways to maintain heart health. You can use AdWords to look for keywords that relate to cardiology and target them within your longform piece.

Whatever you’re planning to write about in your content marketing efforts, you can use the information with AdWords to discover which keywords to target.

Similarly, you can use PPC to generate ideas to fuel your content marketing efforts. If you’re running out of ideas to write about or you’re looking for an added boost in site traffic, you can take note of which keywords have a lot of interest. Use those keywords to create content to post on your website.

Reach more patients with PPC

At Webclick, we have years of experience managing effective PPC campaigns for our clients within the healthcare industry, and we’ll do the same for your hospital.

Want to learn more about PPC?

If you’re interested in using PPC ads or any other form of online marketing to reach new patients, Webclick can help. Our team has years of experience creating and managing successful campaigns for our clients, and we’ll do the same for you.

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