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Jetro Olowole

WebClick Made Position Known On #NoToSocialMediaBill Campaign

Agbara, Ogun – March 7, 2016 – WebClick, Nigeria fastest growing Website Design and Online Marketing Agency announces their position on the #NoToSocialMediaBill Campaign. As an Online Marketing Agency with Social Media Marketing as one of our core services, it is important for us to make our position clear for our digital media teams and clients!

WebClick, Nigeria fastest growing Website Design and Online Marketing Agency announces their support for the #NoToSocialMediaBill Campaign. The bill which was sponsored by Bala Na’allah of the Kogi south All Progressive Congress came under intense criticism. The bill, having passed second reading proposes up to seven years sentencing or N5 million fine for anyone who intentionally publishes false information that could threaten national security through electronic media. The bill also seeks to criminalize anyone disseminating abusive statements through text message, Twitter, WhatsApp, or any other form of social media for a penalty of two years or a N2 million fine or both.

Some of the main source of concern is that the language in the draft bill is so broad that it’s not clear that internet users would even understand how to comply with the law. Language is dynamic as well as technology is evolving. It would be difficult to determine whether a post is intended to “set the public against” a vaguely defined group. At the same time as being overbroad, the bill is illogically specific. It targets WhatsApp, the private messaging application, and Twitter, the microblogging platform. That’s a particular threat to journalism in Nigeria.

The threat to free expression is compounded by the threat to innovation in Nigeria. Already the continent’s largest economy, Nigeria has 15 million Facebook users and over 97 million mobile internet subscriptions. Its technology sector is rapidly expanding. This restrictive law would only deter investment and discourage further development of Nigeria’s internet ecosystem. At a time we are calling for diversification of economy especially in the ICT sector, we cannot afford to take a step forward and three steps backward.

Nigerians Reject the Bill

Reactions have been trailing the bill on social media particularly twitter. Below are some of the common reaction.

Twitter reaction to NoToSocialMediaBill

Twitter reaction to NoToSocialMediaBill

In addition, if the bill passes into law, there may be legal avenues for fighting it. There are strong protections for free expression in Nigeria’s constitution, and Nigeria has also ratified the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Right, which guarantees this right. Furthermore, free expression is protected under international law, and the United Nations has specifically stated that the right to free expression applies online.

Although agencies like ours will benefit more from this type of bill but we belief it is better to allow our institutions and cultural values to shape our attitudes, words and actions. Although we do not support the use of abusive language on any medium, we do not support a law that will create more problems than it will solve. A bill that will discourage digital investment. Nigerians have spoken out, and their leaders should listen. WebClick thereby align with public view. The voice of the people they say, is the voice of God.

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WebClick Made Position Known On #NoToSocialMediaBill Campaign

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