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Jetro Olowole

WebClick Website Relaunch – User-friendly and Easy to Navigate

Agbara, Ogun – February, 20 2016WebClick has completely redesigned its website. The fresh responsive layout offers intuitive navigation with a high degree of user-friendliness. Added to this is a clearly arranged products/services eCommerce platform, oriented on the demands of customers, as well as a comprehensive customer support area.

WebClick, one of Nigeria leading Website Design and Online Marketing Agency, is pleased to announce the relaunch of its corporate website (http://www.webclick.com.ng/). The redesigned website provides improved functionality and benefits to visitors, which include a simplified main menu with links to the most useful pages, enriched corporation and product content, and social networking services for users to interact with WebClick directly. The revamped site goes live February 15th, 2016.

The website has been redesigned for ease of use, once connected, visitors can see the most update news and find what they need in the very first page of the website, saving time clicking through pages and searching through a sea of information. According to WebClick’s internal survey, “Support”, “Products/Services”, and “E-shop” are the three services that website visitors need most often; therefore, the services shown in the main menu will guide the visitors to their need directly to get the most relevant information.

Through flexible links and teasers, WebClick systematically directs visitors to important information, new products or special offers. The service pages offer, at a glance, a detailed introduction to the respective service and every information to help a potential client make informed decision. Moreover, the pages are optimized for users and search engine friendliness. Regardless of whether the user calls up the pages by PC, smartphone or tablet, the website always appears in the optimal format.

“Conceptualizing the pages with the customer in mind and offering a fresh, appealing design were decisive goals of the relaunch,” says Jetro Olowole, Chairman and CEO at WebClick. “The customer receives all information quickly, selectively and clearly with as few clicks as possible. Using the website should be fun.”

As a leading digital marketing agency with successful social media networking in the industry, WebClick also include all of the web tools that users need to reach and interact with them in each community services/ websites, such as the popular Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and WebClick branded blog. Besides the social networking tools, users can also get the most up to date news via the RSS services provided by the WebClick corporate website.

The primary objective of the new WebClick website is to provide an effective business development tools and services. We put a lot of emphasis on “providing the appropriate information service for each stakeholder and attracting potential customers.” Therefore, the new website layout remains focused on stakeholder concerns.

About WebClick
WebClick is a Nigeria based Website Design and Online Marketing Agency that specializes in Web design, Digital Marketing, Branding and Corporate Training. Our culture consists of one part insightful thinking, two parts teamwork, a dash of continual improvements, and a whole lot of humor. Whether we’re working with a large organization or a local business, we have one singular goal in mind, and an attitude of being ‘in it together,’ both with each other and our clients.

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WebClick Website Relaunch – User-friendly and Easy to Navigate

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