Get a no obligation double deal promo of 50% discount on web design service and pay on delivery option. The double deal promo is an intervention offer in support of the Global Export Initiative.

GLOBAL EXPORT INITIATIVE aims to support global trade export activities for local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and trade unions in Nigeria. Working together with other partners including Google, Government agencies driving exportation i.e. NEXIM Bank, Grant Awarding Institutions, Global Online Payment Consulting Firms, Legal Firms, Enterprise Consulting Research Firms, Tax and Duty Advisory Firms, Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd – Website Translation Audit Firm and other business export partners, we hope to help local SMEs build their business capabilities, promote globalization exports, and grow to be globally competitive companies and service providers. WebClick and its partners will reach out to about 100 SMEs initially under the programme.

GLOBAL EXPORT INITIATIVE also aims to help grow Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria by digitizing and equipping them with the right knowledge and tools to explore new markets through the web. Global Export Initiative also connects the digital ecosystem with export ecosystem partners and existing export infrastructure to enable holistic growth amongst Nigeria SMEs. In today’s business, globalization is one of the key areas companies should consider to grow and stay competitive.

Please follow the steps below to benefit from the Double Deal Promo.

Step 1
Go to our web design service page and compare the different packages there.

After you have decided on the package to apply for, click on the order link at the bottom of the pricing table as shown below. A new page will open, follow the instruction from step 2 below.


Step 2
Follow the 4 steps steps below to order for our services. Please make sure you write out your order number and keep it for reference.
i. Add the product to cart.

order1ii.  Apply coupon and click the Apply coupon button as shown below. The coupon is DDP100. The whole money will be deducted which will allow you to complete the transaction and obtained your order number. Click proceed to checkout.

iii. Confirm the information in your order and click place order as shown below

iv.  Proceed to write out your order number for reference purpose. The page should look like the screen shot below.


Step 3
Come back to this page to register for the Double Deal Promo. Supply all the relevant information and enter your order number. Submit the application.

After submission, check your email to access your member area to edit your information or add additional information.

You will be able to monitor your application status from your member area.

Step 4
Follow up on any requirement as per your project. Supply all necessary data that may be required for your project.

Step 5
We will deliver a prototype of your project. After all necessary correction has been made, you are expected to make payment before the official launch online. Other services applied for should also be paid for.

After we have receive your payment, we will proceed to round up your project and launch it online. You should be able to access your member area to know the status of your work.

Terms and Conditions
1. The Double Deal Promo is a first come first serve service.
2. You are expected to respond promptly to data request, failure to do so on time, your project will be moved down the queue.
3. Payment should be made latest 2 days after you have been notified. Failure to do so, your project will be forfeited and the design will be used for another project.
4. WebClick reserve the right to reject any application we feel is inappropriate.
5. Please notify us immediately if you wish to discontinue the application.
6. Application for Double Deal Promo does not cover other services not specified in our web design service page.
7. You may not use coupon more than once as an individual.
8. Your final payment is 50% of the cost of our web design service.

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Double Deal Promo

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