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Jetro Olowole

Social Media Company in Lagos Announces they Are Open for Business

Lagos – April 26, 2016Social media company in Lagos, WebClick, has announced that they are now open for business. The company said that they offer an affordable social media marketing service that involves posting daily content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Webclick offers three-tiered social media pricing based on the services each package includes. The social media pricing of the wow plan is based on additional services the other packages do not have, such as monthly online surveys, and blogger outreach. They said that what truly puts them in a different level compared to similar companies is that they are able to offer affordable social media marketing without sacrificing the quality of the services they provide. One way in which they feel they have achieved this is by only using Nigeria-based content writers and page managers.

The Social Media Company explained that clients who buy a basic package, will be asked to fill out a new customer questionnaire, which is designed to get the right type of details for the clients’ business in order to create an effective social media campaign. Once the questionnaire has been filled out, WebClick will then use this information to post helpful, relevant content to the clients various social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, on a consistent basis. Taiwo Olowole, WebClick Social media strategist said:

“The content we provide will be a combination of curated industry content/news, as well as links promoting your own website. Where available, the social media posts will be optimized for social search, e.g., use of keyword hashtags.”

Webclick develop detailed strategies that are specific for your audience, demography and business. Withh 86% of Internet users accessing social media daily, there is huge opportunity to connect with current and potential customers. The experts at Webclick can help develop and optimize your social presence, build customers loyalty and help you gain new clients. Some of the features of their social media marketing service include:

Dedicated Account Manager: A designated account manager oversees your entire social media marketing campaign rather than placing the project into the hands of several individuals within the service. This helps ensure individualized attention and smooth transition between each step of the campaign process.

Audience Targeting: This service helps you identify your specific audience so that marketing content can be more effectively created and targeted to your customers.

Strategy Creation: Your personalized business strategy takes into consideration the research conducted by yourself and the social media marketing team to determine which networks you should be active on, how to effectively reach your target audience and the type of content to be created.

About WebClick
WebClick is Nigeria Fastest Growing Website Design and Online Marketing Agency that specializes in Web design, Digital Marketing, Branding and Corporate Training. Our culture consists of one part insightful thinking, two parts teamwork, a dash of continual improvements, and a whole lot of humor. Whether we’re working with a large organization or a local business, we have one singular goal in mind, and an attitude of being ‘in it together,’ both with each other and our clients.

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Social Media Company in Lagos Announces they Are Open for Business

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