[wm_text_block]Interested in speaking at a WebClick Digital Marketing Event? You’re in the right place. We are always looking to be at the forefront of the industry with the highest quality content. We begin reviewing submissions and notifying speakers during the months leading up to an event, so don’t wait until the last minute to submit.

Speaker Request FAQs

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you need additional help, please feel free to email us at speakers@webclick.com.ng. We return most email messages within 48 hours.[wc_accordion collapse=”0″ leaveopen=”0″ layout=”box”][wc_accordion_section title=”Who speaks at WebClick Events?“]

Brands, agencies and technology enablers make up the majority of the presenters at WebClick. Each event features speakers covering all areas of the digital marketing spectrum, including Search, Media, Mobile, Social, Video, Email, Targeting, Display, Creative, Gaming, Music, Integrated Marketing, eCommerce, Data and Analytics, Innovation and Startups, and much more. WebClick Events are 100% editorial content. Speakers are selected on their merit, insight, leadership and ability to share new research and metrics. Webclick welcomes speakers from all brand categories, agencies, corporations and perspectives. An emphasis on case studies, whenever possible, is preferred and solution providers must bring a business or consumer-oriented brand client to be considered to speak.

[/wc_accordion_section][wc_accordion_section title=”Who attends WebClick Events?“]

Brand advertisers, agencies, publishers and solution providers account for approximately 80 percent of the WebClick audience, with additional attendees audience made up of investors, press, non-profit, and education attendees. Most attendees identify themselves as corporate management, followed by marketing management, advertising management and sales roles within their respective organizations.

[/wc_accordion_section][wc_accordion_section title=”Why speak at WebClick Events?“]

Speaking at WebClick lets presenters share their experience, insights and skills as industry thought leaders and increases their exposure and authority among industry professionals. In addition, speakers find the opportunity invaluable for building their network and creating valuable relationships with other presenters, audience members and exhibitors. Each speaker receives their own paid full-event registration to the event.

[/wc_accordion_section][wc_accordion_section title=”What types of presentations are shared at WebClick Conferences?“]

We ask for structured content to educate the audience, including brand-specific case studies, best practices and tactics, industry research and trends, mini-debates and more.

Speaking formats include:

  • Keynotes: are limited to 3-5 marquee speakers per show and typically feature high-profile executives or thought leaders representing key areas of the new marketing landscape.
  • Breakouts: are rich opportunities for qualified speakers to share insights and experiences with a quality audience. Individual presentations focusing on research, cases studies and trends help frame the discussion around the industry’s most important topics.
  • Workshops: are highly focused, interactive learning environments where speakers move from behind the podium to directly engage with attendees. Seating is usually limited for these high-value “classroom-meets-the-boardroom” learning environments.
[/wc_accordion_section][wc_accordion_section title=”Is there a fee to submit to speak?“]

No, there is no fee to submit to speak. However, any companies offering services to our audience may be required to fund their speaking opportunity as part of sponsorship. Each submission will be reviewed thoroughly and a determination will be made at that point.

[/wc_accordion_section][wc_accordion_section title=”Does WebClick cover speaker travel and expenses?“]

Speakers are required to pay for their expenses traveling to and from the event. Once at the event, WebClick picks up each speaker’s full-event registration and meals, as well as providing a discount for inviting colleagues, customers and friends.

[/wc_accordion_section][wc_accordion_section title=”How can I improve my chances of selection?“]

If you’re a publisher, technology partner, ad network or other service provider, we advise that you bring a brand or agency client to present on your behalf or co-present with you. Likewise, if you are an agency, we advise that you bring a brand client with you.


Contact Us

If you have questions on any of the points above or would like to talk more regarding becoming a speaker at a WebClick Events, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss these with you!

Good luck and we hope to see you at the next WebClick Events soon!

Jetro Olowole – speakers[at]webclick.com.ng (replace at with @)

Speaker Submissions

After you have read the Speakers Guideline, please submit a proposal via our speaker submission form below.[/wm_text_block][wm_divider type=”whitespace”][wm_text_block]

Speaker Request Application Form

Speakers Request Form
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  3.  Mobile Experiences; Mobile Apps; Mobile Ads; Mobile & Location; The Future of Mobile Analytics; Web Ops & Analytics; Marketing Automation Tools Social Advertising; Visual Content (Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram); Social Analytics Online Advertising; SEM; SEO; Data-Driven Decisions Big Data; Content Marketing; Customer Engagement
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Thanks for contacting us as per speaking opportunities at WebClick events. One of our representative will contact you soon.

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