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Our sponsorship program is design for corporate organizations to achieve their corporate goals and mission in sinc with WebClick mission. If your organization mission can help us achieve our vision of raising industrial leaders for emerging Africa economy, then we can work together.

Sponsor a WebClick Event and you’ll receive exposure to movers and shakers in the digital marketing community including agencies, brands and publishers in a fun and engaging environment. And with 60% of attendees to our events having direct decision making responsibility for their company’s digital marketing purchases, you won’t find a more influential audience.

Your success is our success

We want you to look good. Because when you look good, we look good. It’s that simple. Our online marketing event sponsorship packages range from speaking opportunities to brand positioning – and cover most things in between. So whether you want to use WebClick to demonstrate your thought leadership, promote your key messages to digital marketing industry decision-makers or just get to know potential customers a little better, we’ve got the perfect package for you.

Your platform, getting your message across

Because we know that each Sponsor has a different message, business development goal and branding initiative each Sponsorship package is tailored to your corporate strategies. Though most Sponsorships offer multiple levels and types of exposure, there are a few main ways for you to highlight your corporate strengths.

On Par with the Leaders

As a Sponsor your company will gain second to none exposure to those executives at the point in time that they are seeking systems, information and solutions for improving their firm’s strategies. The delegates in attendance at our events will relate your firm’s solutions to the high quality of information and best practices that make up the event. In short your systems and services will be associated with the best of breed initiatives and case studies. For a select few Sponsors there will be opportunities to support high level content and the speaker faculty of the program. These highly selective sponsorship allow your firm to establish tremendous capability and expertise in your specialty as well as highlight successful work completed with your clients.

Premium Branding

Branding is often a major initiative for our clients who are seeking to get the message out about their offerings. As a Sponsor your firm’s logo will appear alongside of the global leaders associated with best practices in this area. WebClick leverages multiple media outlets including online, direct mail, email, press releases and media partnerships to publicize our events. We offer some key platforms for you to get across your brand image to our customer base and your prospects.

Face Time

Networking and information sharing are two major aspects of our events and WebClick builds in many opportunities for Sponsors to enjoy and benefit from meeting the leaders in one place. As a Sponsor your company will have access to all onsite networking functions at the event. They include refreshment break sessions, luncheons, dinners. Additionally WebClick offers a selection of Sponsorship that enable our clients to increase their opportunity to develop new relationships during our events.

Why Sponsor WebClick Contest, Seminar & workshop?

A successful contest or event generates revenue, drives traffic to your site, and build your client base. Below are some of the reasons why you should sponsor our contest, seminar and workshops.
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  • Typical WebClick event attendees will include: C-level Executives, Directors, VPs, Managing Directors and other senior level executives.
  • Be part of helping create and influence one of the fastest growing business categories. Demonstrate what sets your company apart from the rest.
  • WebClick is committed to ensuring our sponsors know their marketing Naira have been spent wisely.
  • Unique opportunity to develop new business leads with key corporate decision makers.
  • Gain recognition and generate business leads from brands searching for support and solutions for their experience and engagement marketing goals.
  • Network with decision makers and key leaders in attendance from brands in a variety of industries.
  • Recognition as a Sponsor in Seminar signage, advertising, meeting materials, and mobile web page. Links to your sites from our blog, website, contest page and social media platforms – great SEO value that will this bring you more visitors.
  • Building relationships. By offering a prize in our contest, you are essentially building a relationship with us. Because you are helping us out with our project, we will recommend you to others, link to you, help you out in the future. It’s a give and take world people – give a little and get some back.
  • Branding to a bigger audience. If you have a small site with a limited audience, sponsoring a prize for a contest on our site is a great way to gain more exposure.
  • People will get to try your product – the viral word-of-mouth effect. Do you have a quality product or service? Offer it for free in a contest prize sponsorship. The winners will be able to experience what you have – something that probably would not have happened if they were asked to pay for it. If your product fills a need or is of high quality, the word will get out in review and people will come buying and linking.
  • Everyone wins – contest host, prize sponsors, contest winners. In a contest, everyone involved wins. The contest host wins by getting more exposure to their site because of the buzz generated by the contest. The prize sponsors win by receiving all of the benefits mentioned above. The contest winner wins well, because they won the free prize. Even the losers win because we reward them for their participation. What perfect harmony.
  • Inclusion in the electronic Webclick Buyers Guide to help members find your company based on the products and services you offer, and elevate your listing in web search engines
  • Year-round opportunities for newsletter article submission and press release postings
  • Opportunity to highlight your product and service via Seminar event sponsorships, mobile web page links and case studies
  • Your competitors will be here – so should you!

Sponsorship Options

We have three level of sponsorship categories for organization who wish to work with us. These include:

Exclusive Sponsor.

Exclusive sponsorship is ideal for sponsors who want to be the center of an event or contest or if they can afford the exclusivity. Markets large and small can apply for exclusive sponsorship. Contests, workshops and seminars targeted to niche audiences like SMEs, designers, photographers, all work for exclusive sponsors.

Category Exclusive Sponsors.

Category exclusive sponsorship work only when we have one sponsor in each category of an event or a contest. For example, our graphic design and social media contests feature different categories in a contest, a category exclusive sponsorship would have only one sponsor for each category.

Multiple Sponsors.

Most of our seminar and workshop are open to multiple sponsorship. This approach works in markets both small and large. Targeting multiple advertisers, will allows businesses that can’t afford to sponsor the entire event to participate which can result in a more successful event for all party.

Why it’s Better to Book Early

1. Limited sponsor speaking positions
In 2016 we’ll be limiting the number of sponsored speaking opportunities. This ensures we will only be working with the very best solution providers who can deliver exciting and innovative content. Make sure you’re one of them.

2. The earlier you book, the better your spot
Prefer a day one morning session to a day two afternoon spot? Booking early means that you get your choice of when to speak.

3. Integrated marketing campaign
Your speaking opportunity at WebClick events should be viewed as the culmination of a months-long, fully integrated marketing campaign. The earlier you book with us, the sooner we can start promoting you to all our followers and attendees.

We have limited sponsorship opportunities available. Become a top sponsor and align your brand with WebClick.

The WebClick Sponsorship team offers valuable support to sponsors throughout the season leading up to the events. Contact us for more information on developing a custom program that fits your needs and marketing goals.

Sponsorship Inquiries

For any sponsorship inquiries, including; speaking sponsorship opportunities, event sponsorship opportunities and conference bag item sponsorship and to receive a Sponsorship Opportunities proposal, please complete this form below.

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Thanks for contacting us as per sponsorship inquiry. One of our representative will contact you soon.

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