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The best seo company in Nigeria—(Seo Agency)

Welcome dear customer, looking for the best seo company in Nigeria we are transparent and well known for our best Seo Services online in Nigeria. We offer specific Search Engine Optimization services for individual businesses and we offer Seo Training Service for firms and individual. Why the need for seo in Nigeria? Seo became popular […]

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7 factors toward effective customer Testimonials

Customer or client Testimonial is a declaration or endorsement by an individual or a firm certifying to a person’s character, a business concept, goods and services given or done as an expression of esteem, admiration, or gratitude. This important marketing technique is used to persuade everyone to join and do the same thing, especially when […]

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Domain Authority—how to increase it with 10 Commandments

Domain Authority (DA) Domain Authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. Use Domain Authority when comparing one site to another or tracking the “strength” of your website over time. —Moz It is based on data from the Mozscape web index and includes link […]

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4 reasons to clap for your business during holidays

Holidays are free time for everyone to do more in everything. They are often time for sharing gifts, going on vacation, shopping for more items, more sales, eating more, more products, more adverts, more services, more profits and lots more. More has often been a common word during holidays when advertising products and services. [wc_fa […]

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PPC in Nigeria —Why Choose Webclick ?

PPC Pay-Per-Click advertising services in Nigeria is very important for marketing purposes toward targeting customers’ interest online. Clicking is easier than picking up a pen on a table for interested users, if the service is offered by an experienced and committed online marketing agency in Nigeria. What you need to know about PPC is beyond […]

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2016 Nigeria Internet Statistics (Usage Compilation)

The 2016 Internet Statistics reveal what Nigerians are doing online as well as you. Nigeria is among the ten countries with the most Internet users in the world with the seventh position starting from [wm_table appearance=”basic/bordered/bordered-striped/striped” separator=”,” class=””]TOP TEN COUNTRIES WITH THE MOST INTERNET USERS [/wm_table] China India United States Brazil Japan Russia Nigeria Indonesia Germany […]

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2016 google plus photo sizes

The New 2016 Google Plus Cover Photo Size Infographic + PSD Template

In this article, I lay out the new 2016 Google Plus Cover Photo Size Infographic + PSD Template. Although there are other articles online on Google Plus cover size, we have taken the information a step further. This article include an infographic, a layout design and an opportunity to download the PSD template of Google […]

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The New 2016 Twitter Cover Photo Size Infographic + PSD Template

The New 2016 Twitter Cover Photo Size Infographic + PSD Template

In this article, I lay out the new 2016 Twitter Cover Photo Size Infographic + PSD Template. Your Twitter profile picture is your main identification mark that will be visible to everyone. It will be visible on your home page, on the Twitter stream of your followers whenever you Tweet and so on. Since it […]

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