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Website Redesign Service—An Obligation ?

Must you redesign your website? Why do people often ask this question? The answer to both questions above is what has led to the need. A website owner may observe the quality of his/her website as a poor little fella or a big and effortless Goliath. There are many factors that may lead to the need for website-redesign service.

  • Unresponsive Website 

A responsive website is one which can display properly on all device screens with user friendly qualities. It should be mobile friendly because there are increasing mobile Internet users in Nigeria and globally. The configuration of a website viewport is another case which may affect how the website is rendered. Recent internet development have been making many website owners redesign their website to meet the technology of the day. You can never decide the size nor height of people that will enter your shop, likewise you can never decide the type, screen size of devices that must visit your website. Your view port configuration may determine or make bias your website if specifically set for a particular screen dimension. Although some dynamic templates or themes may beautify your website on the other hand may not be friendly to search engines. Choosing a user-interactive template works the most for seo related basics.



Do you know that some top official websites in Nigeria are not mobile friendly and with no user friendly qualities ?

Are you an awaiting or existing client of Webclick, what makes Webclick one of the best Web design agencies in Nigeria is clients update. We do that as a website design agency by updating our clients by newsletter on how to improve their website performances and therefore adapting to the technology of the day.

  • Low website performance 

The performance of a website everywhere the links appear may is also a factor. A website may not be seen on Google or not obtain higher ranking, low impression that may affect the CTR. You can check the performance of your website and improve it with your Seo Audit service or Website Redesign Service. If you redesign your website with professional tools and make it great, you are telling search engines that your website is newly built and friendly.

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