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2007 Toyota Camry Buying Guide

Toyota Camry Buying Guide 1

2007 Toyota Camry was a particularly successful upgrade that is still a great choice of a car even a decade after it was released.

The Toyota Camry is a model that dates back to the 20th century, but throughout the decades of production the Camry has only gotten more popular with buyers. Toyota Camry 2007 was a particularly successful upgrade that is still a great choice of a car even a decade after it was released. Get to know everything about buying a 2007 Camry right now – show price on Jiji!

What’s new in 2007 Toyota Camry?

The 2007 model received a number of important upgrades both in terms of styling and performance. The upgraded Toyota Camry is much more attractive than its predecessor and is no longer accused of being boring, which is often the case for Toyota sedans. The inside of the car has also gone through significant changes – there is a new engine, new transmissions, and revolutionized fuel efficiency. Now let’s cover those changes in detail.

Toyota Camry Buying Guide 2

Exterior and interior

For 2007, the Toyota Camry adopted a new aerodynamic look and has gotten much more exciting in terms of appearance. There are smooth and sleek lines, redesigned lights, and a revamped grille, which together create a far more refined imagine than what you’re used to seeing in a Camry.

The improved interior in the 2007 Camry bridges the gap between the budget sector of cars and the luxury segment, including Lexus vehicles. The interior of the Toyota Camry is refined, but at the same time functional, and you will feel like you’ve used this interior for years after the very first drive.

Toyota Camry Buying Guide 3


One of the biggest advantages of the 2007 Toyota Camry is the opportunity to choose nearly every feature of the car. There are four and six-cylinder, 2.4 and 2.5 engines on offer, with a five-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission. There was also a top-notch 3.5L engine with a six-speed automatic transmission for the most seasoned buyers. For the first time ever, the Camry has received a hybrid version, which was groundbreaking at the time.

Toyota Camry Buying Guide 4

Additional features

In 2007, the Toyota Camry came in multiple trim levels, and each had a wide variety of extra features to help the buyer make the most sound decision. The base version is known as CE and has a front wheel drive, air conditioning, remote keyless entry, and cloth seats. Next we have the LE, which doesn’t have too many differences from the CE. Then there is the SE, which has 17” aluminum wheels and fog lights. The most advanced trim level, XLE V6, has leather seats, automatic climate control, heated mirrors, and a satellite radio.

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