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2017 Nigeria Internet Statistics, Users and Social Network

Internet in Nigeria has always been an investment opportunity. Although Nigeria is not the country with the most internet user penetration in Africa but during 2016 regardless of the dense population there achieved a rise in the numbers of internet users in Nigeria.

In 2017 according to Nigeria Communication Commission report, the numbers of internet users was released as about 91 million which decreases when compared to 2016 data.
Nigeria’s most internet traffic comes mainly from mobile and desktop computers most of which are served by Mobile ISPs, Ethernet, wired and Wireless. To make internet easily accessible, mobile internet service providers offer campus zone discount prepaid/postpaid internet service for students and school staffs.
Top Ten Countries With The Most Internet Users

  1. China
  2. India
  3. United States
  4. Brazil
  5. Indonesia
  6. Japan
  7. Russia
  8. Nigeria

  9. Mexico
  10. Bangladesh
  11. Germany
Compare with 2016

Individual Usage

In the above listing when compared with 2016 Nigeria was on the 7th ranking but this year things step back a bit dropping Nigeria behind on the 8th rank. Nevertheless, by the National Broadband Plan, NBP (2013 – 2018) the country is expected to attain 30% broadband penetration by 2018, which currently stands at 21% according to NCC report.

In Nigeria like the rest of the world men explore the web than women, they have more internet usage experience than women. In my recent survey among several youths and online one out of twenty internet users can distinguish between ads and organic result on search engines. Likewise on mobile usage, three 3 of 10 can easily dismiss a pop-up ad on an app nor can easily recognize an ad on mobile.
There are regulations that ‘ISPs must make full and fair disclosure of information regarding bandwidth (including whether bandwidth is shared or dedicated to the user) and bit transfer rates to Consumers before the process of subscription is concluded’

The 3 most searched stories online in Nigeria BUHARI, KANU and FAYOSE

2016 most visited websites in Nigeria
2017 20 most visited websites in Nigeria


Nigeria Takes Broadband Internet Campaign to ITU Telecom World 2017. The participation of Nigeria at the yearly International Telecommunications Union (ITU) conference will focus on deepening the growing broadband segment of the market in the country. The atmosphere of a wider broadband internet service will favor the SMEs.
Nigeria is awaiting a future of standard internet investment and digital empowerment meeting a global standard on internet usage experience.
As a result, every mobile operator must report to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) at the specified frequency in the year.

“The reporting frequency shall be Quarterly. The report for the preceding quarter must arrive at the NCC (Abuja Office) at most by 15th of the first month of each quarter.The report shall be in both hard copy and editable electronic (MS Word / Excel) versions in the format provided by the NCC and using the format provided, each operator must provide the reports on the following basis:A National Report (covering the nation-wide network services).Regional Reports (preferably using the six geo-political zones). Urban Area Reports for Lagos, Aba, Abuja, Kano, Benin City, Maiduguri, and Port-Harcourt cities only.”

NCC have done a lot to provide and monitor the provision and availability of quality communication services in Nigeria but should rural areas suffer the flunctuation of good and quality service ?



 More Reports Coming Soon . . .

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CREDITS : Internet world stat ,Ncc  and more


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