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Revealed—2017 ten free online marketing tips in Nigeria

Online Marketing is very important to every business because the Internet is very important in this age. The internet can help reach thousands and even millions depending on what , how and when to plan .

Every day, the world changes economically as a result of activities of men. You can’t actually say what will happen in 2017 but you can only plan for your business how it will be and ways to upgrade your business in the year 2017.

See how we can help you plan ahead for 2017.We Cherish planning as the first step toward marketing.

Have any of your competitors beat you with high technical marketing strategies ? If yes, it is not late for you to meet up and even beat them behind. Why? Because trading is a lifetime course just like a race which through training you can become more stronger than your opponents. You don’t slack back and relax because customers want cheaper and quality products and services. You are in the position to tell them you are qualify for what they need.


To be successful with your 2017 online marketing practices you need the following :

1. Goal

Your goal is what you want to achieve it could reaching out to more customers, increasing your work force, broading your services, leading the market and generating more income.


2. Website

Your website will do a lot for you besides your office because it is your office address online, it is where people will see your business when they search on Google and other search engines. It will be a source of information about your company and an intermediate, if you have a regular blog posting on your website it will be more effective . Your blog post will offer you a lot of benefits.

See » 18 benefits of company blog


3. Business Mail

What is a business mail ? It is a mail that carries your website domain name. If your website name is www.mycompany.com then your business mail address may be a preferred contact depending on the function of the change ( info@mycompany.com or chika@mycompany.com or sales@mycompany.com ) There is more confidence in transacting with business mail than common mails ( mycompany@gmail.com or my company @yahoo.com )


4. Sponsor ( Budget  )

To sponsor your goal you need to budget enough capital or save enough money to spend on the task. When you have enough money budgeted on a plan there will be no delay even if there is economic crisis you will only make little adjustment.


5. Social Accounts

The most populated social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and YouTube and Pinterest. Creating a business page is the best on social networking sites.


6. Team ( Employees or Collaborators )

You can’t do it alone ! You may need to expand your work force by employing others to work for or with you. You may hire others or even collaborate with other businesses to exchange services or to make a joint venture.


7. Promotional offer

Promotional offer is an extra additional feature to your regular business services to compensate your customers. It may be during holidays or the demand atmosphere.


8. Advertisement

Advertiment will make you reach more audience if you plan well so do not hesitate to advertise your business. It will make you reach your targets that is the audience that need your service. You need an advertisement firm to help you monitor your adverts.


9. Seo Services

Search Engine Optimization services are also important to get users or clients from search engines .


10. Digital Services

Digital services may involve Logo Design, Branding, copywriting, graphic design and lots more.

If a business fail to plan then it plans to fall !

Why waiting for miracle to happen when you have not worked to  your expectations !

If you plan to succeed your success is your plan !

If you plan well you can see your back!

Make Webclick help you with your business plan for the year  2017, press  the alarm button by clicking on Consult Webclick. We do it better in Nigeria for real businesses and organizations.

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