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10 simple questions Google can’t answer

You may wonder Google can answer many questions and can refer you to a century history from a reliable source.  Do you know there are personalized questions Google can’t answer which means Google isn’t smart. Google web search usage literacy by Region What is your name? What is the name of God? What did I […]

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Is Google God? Why people Ask

Is Google God? People always ask. Just like many other search engines, Google is a search engine that download websites’ including their texts, Images, audios, Videos and other files. It have access to online dictionaries in the sense that when you search for a dictionary word Google engine will display the word meaning and output […]

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Google SERP—A quick guide for Nigerians

What is Google SERP ? Meaning of Google SERP is ‘Google Search Engine Result Page’.  This guide is for many Internet using Nigerians who don’t know the items that appear on Google page after they search for a keyword or ask a question on Google. There are three (4) major items that appear on the search […]

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Best seo training course in Nigeria

Looking for seo training school,seo course,seo training online,best seo training,seo training course in Nigeria ? How many seo services are in Nigeria ? This is the Seventh Service on the list of Seo7 service in Nigeria. There is no university yet to study that in Nigeria but with our seven basic seo services in Nigeria we […]

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SEM and SMM —Which is more effective in nigeria ?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  and Social Media Marketing (SMM)  which is mostly effective towards targeting real customers in Nigeria ? This article is helpfully made short because of the simple fact behind it. Search Engine marketing in Nigeria is very important in Nigeria as Google Search Engine is the most used search engine in Nigeria […]

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2016 Nigeria Internet Statistics (Usage Compilation)

The 2016 Internet Statistics reveal what Nigerians are doing online as well as you. Nigeria is among the ten countries with the most Internet users in the world with the seventh position starting from [wm_table appearance=”basic/bordered/bordered-striped/striped” separator=”,” class=””]TOP TEN COUNTRIES WITH THE MOST INTERNET USERS [/wm_table] China India United States Brazil Japan Russia Nigeria Indonesia Germany […]

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