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Genesis and Revelation of Backlink

Welcome dear reader, please read this article carefully as it is helpful and informative, based on the fundamental branches of seo basics . This article is for webmasters , seo engineers, authors, computer science tutors and students, blog writers and more. In this article, either as a beginner or a professional you shall get to know more about backlink generators. We acquire knowledge everyday because we need it, feel free here. We shall discuss on backlink.

What is a backlink?
“Backlink or inbound link is incoming link to a webpage. When a webpage links to any other page, it’s called a backlink”.  On how to check your backlinks
I recommend Google Search Console and Alexa.

Backlinks are really important these days if a website is to be a famous figure online. As backlinks are one of the major metrics toward web page rankings on many search engines, the system counts on the number of total backlinks to a webpage or website to determine it’s position on the search result page. The page or website with the highest total numbers of backlinks will be mostly considered. The concept is like a ‘voting count’ which means that those webpages that refer or link to page C are more than those of A and B which will make C rank the highest.  When search engines calculate the relevance of a site to a keyword, they consider the number of quality backlinks to that site.

Every website owners want gross numbers of backlinks to their site but let me tell you something about backlink generators.

Genesis of Backlink Generators

The Internet chronology reveals that prior to the invention of search engines, search engines like Google use pagerank system to rank Web pages on their search engine result page. Pagerank is the best or one of the best metrics for website ranking by world ‘s leading search engines. Since quality backlinks are major criteria toward pagerank, webmasters and web owners look for ways to obtain multiples of backlink. To do this manually, it takes time and effort, also it distract people from their business task. This is where the invention of Backlink Generators comes to the Atmosphere, some generators are online while some are softwares.

Revelation of Backlink Generators

Backlink Generators are good at your own risk, some are free while some are paid. Although Google discourage paid backlink generation techniques, but they are some times good if monitored by a guru. This is what I mean, when you pay for backlinks, make sure you purge or disavow junk links that link to you. The more the numbers of backlinks you select the higher your website is at risk. Why is it so?

  • Some links must have expired (Expeired links will give error report)
  • Real and useful backlinks are cost
  • Backlinks Generator sites and softwares won’t tell you the risks
  • Many backlinks you will receive may come from porn sites(this may kill your domain authority) When a porn site points to your website it is just like a fisherman teaching ethic hacking, that’s a bounce back effect.
  • A webpage or more might have been flagged as unsafe
  • One or many of the domain(s) that link to you may not relate to your website niche
  • If you do repeated backlink generation your website may be flagged a spam by your action
  • Not all backlinks may be displayed on the generator page
  • Some Urls are disavowed by several site owners and thus flagged, if your website receive backlink from them it may affect your website ranking on search engines.

See more on. . . DOMAIN AUTHORITY 

Ways to get Quality Backlinks

1. Advertise

Money do quality things when properly invested without mistakes. If you advertise your brand on high authority level domains by selecting the right category or interest, you will hit the nail on the head. When you do advert on your local top search engine and on your top local websites you are planning well. The campaign can be done better by an advertising firm.

2. Link to external sites

Do not just link to other sites that are not related to your website because they may disavow your website links to them. The more people disavow your links to them the more your website will be flagged as a site to avoid. When Webmasters receive backlink report from a site they like visiting the page that links to them. This step involves tact and white strategy because your linking to another page is sending the user away. Link to a fashion designer as a shoe dealer not to another shoe dealer. 

3. Project pages

You can also get backlinks from your clients Web pages if you are a website designer or a digital marketer under the client’s page. There are several ways to do that and it requires your clients’ permission and depend your deal agreement. Place your link on several projects you accomplish and make them appear friendly like ‘powered by Webclick’ .

4. Guest posting

These days every business wants a blog, every company need blog posting and even schools blog. Why, your company blog is a pointer to your product and services. Many believe in the power of guest posting as a branch of their seo strategy. Before you submit a request make sure you have quality contents and good standards. You should know where to put your valuable website url, do not because of hunger swallow a bone. When you post on a good website with high quality standard and it refer users to your webpage, the web page is climbing up. When several blog posts refer to a service page, they make the page popular, and search engines like Google may display it under the site link on the SERP.

5. Use link shorteners

People can’t do without clicking on link shortening domains or shrink links because they look bizarre and not transparent. Most link shrinking sites are popular and can fetch traffic, they are well kown for their high domain Authority . The more a shrinked link is promoted and clicked, the more it’s page authority in relation with the destination page.

6. Maintain a blog

A blog is your Feed Channel, it helps search engines update a website and it’s properties. It also help users return to your website for new updates. Your blog keeps your business up to date, it console search engines and keep moving your website like a vehicle wheel. When several blog posts refer to a service page, they make the page popular, and search engines like Google may display it under the site link on the SERP.

7. Interact on Social

Your business page on social networking sites may be the one to rank on top of your website on search engines. Even if a search engine is punishing a website, the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest page can not be punished. It requires building the right audience for your business and interact with them constantly.

Coming Soon >> Ways to Evaluate Your Competitors’ strength against your business


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