Domain Authority—how to increase it with 10 Commandments

Domain Authority (DA)
Domain Authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. Use Domain Authority when comparing one site to another or tracking the “strength” of your website over time.Moz

It is based on data from the Mozscape web index and includes link counts, MozRank and MozTrust scores, and dozens of other factors. It uses a machine learning model to predictively find an algorithm that best correlates with rankings across thousands of search results that we predict against. Regardless of Moz this and that just follow these ten Commandments below.
There is no Good or Bad domain Authority, it is rather a measure of competitive resources. I won’t discuss about any score level nor range.
Domain Authority vs Page Authority : Any difference? Yes, Domain Authority measures the predictive ranking strength of entire domains or sub-domains and pages, Page Authority measures the strength of individual pages.

Factors empowering Domain Authority


1. Website Transparency 

According to survey, websites with the highest possible number of daily active users + inbound links from high level domains + Safe domains +
old existence + increasing numbers of page authority. On a common ground, before a website authority level increases the Authors/Users must not remain anonymous.

  • A whois data should be made available online and IP look up information must be clearly stated. Don’t oversight Alexa website detail submission whenever you check your website ranking. Your domain expiry date should not be less than six years. No  matter how informative your site is, Wikipedia may not feature your content or link if a short period domain validity period.
  • Location targeting (local or international targeting) or user friendly domain name may Influence your website Authority level.
  • Website specialization ( Your website goal and objectives)
    Your website objective may not necessarily give 100 level Domain Authority

2. Generate High Authority Pages 

Any difference in High Authority Domain and High Page Authority? Yes, but why? For example, a page from Web site A with 9.6 domain authority may rank higher on Google than another page on Web Site B with 100 domain authority. Subjects like SEO are very competitive among digital marketing agencies in Nigeria . A website needs to outperform the prestige of competing websites to attain domain authority. This prestige, relative to other websites, can be defined as “relative domain authority. If you want over all high authority pages avoid junk post updates that won’t offer your web site any good. I mean avoid updates that won’t rank your website on SERP nor fetch you traffic.
There are many factors that can lead to that.

  • The author do thorough keyword research which may make the page more relevant for the target phrase or query. 
  • The keyword density in the page may be higher than that of the site with high authority domain.
  • The page is a more detailed, thorough page on the topic.
  • It may be longer or answer more questions.
  • The links to the page include the target key phrase in the link.
  • The page is more engaging for visitors and entices visitors to stay longer. (users interaction increase impression)

3. Links Management

Know your competitors’ keywords and look for ways to rank higher on SERP. The best way to do that is a spy job, analyse their website using seo tools like Alexa, Moz Sinium Seo and more to see their anchored texts and keywords. Sit back and relax, you catch them with your spy camera. Pick a cup of coffee and take a sip, take your pen and note them. Input the keywords in their anchored texts in your search elements ( Title, Description, meta tags and links) or you may even carry the whole properties along.

  • Make sure your links are shortly empowered by keywords.
  • Link to your other profiles on high authority domains.
  • In case of a blog post, link to a related article on other sources with a good reputation.
  • Get rid of broken links in your website, check using sinium Seo.


4. Get backlinks

Get backlinks from high authority domains like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Blogger. Don’t manage too many Social Accounts, three to four are good enough and try to be active on daily basis. You can get backlink from The top 20 Local websites in your country with high Authority domains.

  • Create topics on forum sites, answer questions, post comments and tactfully insert your link and prompt readers to visit it.
  • Get featured through your guest posting from external sites
  • Avoid backlink from blacklisted sites or sites with blocked resources. Most backlink generators may give you backlink from porn sites. When ever you use them, you are do so at your own risk.


5. Website Obedience

Search engines are sensitive to any Web page they download. They hate delay and disturbance, love plain texts most, they don’t like crawling Web pages multiple css, javascript, html elements. Otherwise interpret them as disturbance and offensive to users.

  • Your website should outstandingly be a subject to Internet rules and policies.
  • Increase your website pagespeed
  • Make your website user friendly
  • Avoid phishing
  • Get rid of duplicate contents from internal and external sources
  • Do not use blocked resources
  • If you feel your website is blocked or hacked Click here
  • Grow your hall of fame by increasing the numbers of site blog authors.


6. Build Relationship 

The more your website authors—the more your chance of obtaining higher level of Domain and Page Authority.

  • Run Affiliate Program
  • Employ more blog writers
  • Embrace guest posts
  • Acknowledge other sites/people that mention your brand
  • Create Volunteering article to promote other brand(s) and mention them (best on Twitter)


7. Social Influence

Social networking sites are the best place to see people mostly. I will only recommend four (4) namely : Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and I can’t do without Pinterest. Webclick receive more backlink from Pinterest than Google because Pinterest boards are just like tags, search engines like Google easily index Pinterest boards.


8. Brand Promotion

  • Promote your brand, and people will start searching for it on search engines and social sites. There are several ways to do that.
  • Host webinars
  • Host local events (event sites will pick your event and thus create an awareness for your business).
  • Do promotional offers
  • Do local or international adverts


9. Build a team

You can’t do everything alone especially website audit service. The reports are so essential.

  • You can employ people or swap services.
  • Family and friends can do a lot with no cost


10. Keep Focus 

Website Authority level increases with time, Moz updates and more. At times you may discover a drop, don’t get discouraged.

  • Don’t sidetracked yourself from your business, you aren’t the one to rank yourself keep focus.
  • Your Authority Domain level will increase with time.




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