Responsive web design is the idea of designing and developing a website with flexible layouts that adapt to each user’s device. Websites with responsive design will adapt and display on any device or screen size, making for an enjoyable experience for your viewers.

With more people using their smartphones and tablets for tasks that only used to be possible on desktop, it has become increasingly important to create a website that works across multiple platforms and caters to the needs and requirements of customers.Our Web design benefits includes:

  • Personalized plans and packages tailored to meet your individual web design needs and fit within your budget
  • Unique, responsive designs and layouts from the most knowledgeable, highly-talented web designers in Nigeria
  • We always take our customers as partners; hence, our job doesn’t end with the delivery of responsive web design but we also provide professionally sound consultation to help our clients run their websites with complete ease.

Our web design and development packages suit every budget. Our entry level responsive web design package costs just N30,000.00 and can be ready in 3 days. You get a lot more value for your money.

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Our Responsive Web Design Pricing Packages

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Convert an existing website to a responsive websiteStarting at ₦50, 000
New, fully responsive website with fresh design and CMSStarting at ₦80, 000
Fully responsive Woocommerce ecommerce websiteStarting at ₦150, 000

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Learn More About Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to tablets to mobile phones). Responsive Web Design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, , and phones).

With responsive web design, you pay for one build and get a custom website that not only looks great on desktops, but also netbooks, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. A responsive design is also prepared for the next big piece of technology that comes out, no matter what its screen resolution is.

Responsive designs for your website allow you to not have to create a custom site for each and every device out there. Devices may be in landscape while others are in portrait and some could even be just completely square. With most smartphones, you are also able to change your screen from being portrait to landscape at the flip of the device. One design is not able to handle all of that, unless it is a responsive design.

Webclick is a Responsive web designer and development agency in Nigeria.

Why Would I Need a Responsive Web Design?

In basic terms, having a responsive design means a website’s pages reformat themselves depending on which device they are being displayed on, ensuring that whether the content is viewed on a phone, tablet or desktop computer, the website will remain user-friendly and respond to the changing environment. Below are reasons why you should consider responsive web design for your business.

  • Mobile/tablet usage will continue to rise: Increasing use of the Internet and proliferation of web applications on tablet and mobile devices has been the driving force behind the development of responsive websites. Previous to this, users would either have to browse the standard desktop site or be re-directed to a device specific site (e.g. mobile), having a responsive design means one site can be implemented across multiple devices. Millions of tablet devices are sold every year, meaning that responsive design has never been so important for those looking to optimise their online content. Some of our clients here at Webclick are already experiencing over 60% traffic from tablet and mobile devices, with such a strong commercial imperative to accommodate the smaller screen size in a unified design it is impossible to ignore.
  • Recommended by Google: Recommended by Google Not so long ago Google announced that having a responsive web design can help improve the SEO of your site. Why does Google favour responsive design? The main reason it that they use a single URL, making it much easier for them to crawl and index the content within your domain. They also offer a better user experience and as you should know by now, user experience is high on Google’s list of SEO criteria. If the biggest search engine in the world says responsive web design is important, who are we to argue? Google understand that unhappy visitors will go elsewhere, meaning that bounce rates increase and the site will not rank well within mobile searches.
  • Improved Load Speed on Mobile: According to the Google PageSpeed Developers, standards recommend that the content above the fold on a mobile device should load in under 1 second with the whole page loading in under 2 seconds. This is generally not possible when trying to load a desktop version of a website on a mobile device. When a customer has to wait a longer than this for a page to load, there is a high probability that they will then leave your site and look elsewhere.
  • One website, One URL: One of the most appealing aspects of responsive web design is that a responsive website can provide a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes. This is an important characteristic, since it is impossible to anticipate all the devices and screen sizes searchers will use to access your site.
  • Improved Local Search Rankings: Google suggest that mobile optimized, responsive sites are featuring prominently in localized search results. This is obviously of huge significance to high street retailers and local businesses.
  • Improved SEO: By creating a single website that adjusts to multiple devices, responsive web design is a must to help increase your website search engine results. Instead of building links or optimising content for multiple websites, you will only need to market a single responsive website. Furthermore, the URL structure will remain the same on all devices, improving your ranking and search engine visibility of the site.
  • Save Time: A huge benefit of adopting a responsive design is that it takes less time than creating an additional stand-alone mobile site, which is how things have been done in the past. Having to test multiple versions of a site also increases development, support and maintenance overheads. Business owners also find it far simpler and less time consuming to manage and maintain a single site, with substantially less content to manage. In addition to this a single admin interface can easily be optimised, using layout and workflow tools to manage the correct content.
  • Save Cost: Sites designed exclusively for mobile devices don’t offer the advanced navigational techniques found in traditional desktop websites, they also require the user to maintain two separate web addresses for your site. The development and maintenance of one website costs less than two and can result in considerable savings.
  • Enhanced offline browsing experience: Having a responsive design allows site owners to deliver quality content to audiences across varying devices, the offline browsing capabilities of HTML5 means that sites can be easily accessed on the go. As the number of HTML5 enabled tablets and smart phones increase this will become increasingly important. It is estimated that Email newsletters and content contained in hybrid HTML5 web applications will increasingly be accessed on the move and in the absence of an Internet connection.
  • Future proof your website: Technology is constantly changing and progressing; this makes it difficult to predict what will be the next development. One of the many positive things about responsive website design is that they adapt to different screen sizes. This means that even if your website is being viewed from smart glasses and watches in the future, it will still be optimised and compatible! If you are looking for a way to future proof your website and potentially save money in the long run, a responsive website design is a worthwhile investment.

Webclick Web Design Process

The Web design process is not unlike other communication processes. If you are familiar with developing a creative brief, a public relations plan, a communication plan or a new product, the phases will look very familiar. The phases of the Webclick Web design process include the following eight steps.

  1. Project Definition
  2. Project Scope
  3. Wireframes and Site Architecture
  4. Visual Design
  5. Site Development
  6. Site Testing
  7. Launch
  8. Site Maintenance

To read more about  our web design process visit Webclick’s web design process

What Webclick Responsive Web Design Services Include

A responsive web design site consists of a combination of flexible grids and layouts, along with images and strategically created CSS media queries. Webclick has a team of experienced responsive web designers that know the best ways to create your website to display beautifully on screens of every size.

Our team stays current with all the responsive design best practices, and is constantly reading and learning about new ways to achieve the perfect kind of design for responsive and mobile sites. Our experience and knowledge helps keep our responsive web design cost low, since you won’t need to pay for any research, experimentation, or trial development. We can create amazing responsive sites right away, with no “trial and error” required.

For new project, Webclick responsive web design comes with one year free domain name registration and hosting.

Nothing “shortcut” with Webclick Responsive Web Design?

It is merely a waste of time to cut corners in website designing. Webclick doesn’t take shortcuts. The responsive website design planning is done strategically with thorough and neutral discussions with the clients, before starting the web development project. We help and advice our clients to make strategic decisions in what their business / company needs today and which steps are necessary to take for future stability and growth. Webclick proudly offers website design and Ecommerce web solutions that drive results and are reasonably prices both!

All Webclick responsive web design are done in-house—with our own eyes and our own brains powering them. Additionally, each web design project is personally attended to by our executive staff.

How Do I Get Started With a Responsive Web Design?

Simply call 07066999466 or request a free quote to start your responsive web design project. Our team will work with you to determine which of our web design package is best for your website, then schedule the process when it’s right for you.

Don’t worry if you can’t adjust with any of the mentioned packages. Webclick is brilliant at creating customized packages for you, according to your requirements and your budget. And guess what? We don’t charge to consult you; you get a 100 % free consultancy with Webclick!

You may as well read some frequently asked questions on our support page.

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Webclick website maintenance team works with you to keep your website as professional as you are. We fully manage and update your website so you can focus on growing your business. Our website update services will clean up, fix or update your website.

Webclick specializes in responsive web design: a powerful approach to building Google's mobile-friendly websites. We create responsive web designs with ease. Affordable prices for all website design - new or redesign website. We meet your deadlines.

A single page website is a cost-effective way of gaining a web presence for your business, service, organization or product quickly. This option is particularly ideal for marketing a single product or service that does not require regular updates.

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Those looking for website redesign services for a genuine facelift of their websites will be fortunate to have found us at Webclick, a full service website design agency in Nigeria. We offer responsive web redesign that drive more traffic, & conversions.

Webclick web design agency in Nigeria offers website design services for businesses, organizations and personal projects. Our Website Design Services are professional, affordable and flexible. Put your business online, get more sales and leads.

Meet Some of Our Members, the Professionals that Cares for You!

Ilesanmi Oladele

Ilesanmi Oladele AlanI
Market Research Analyst, Training Manager

Ilesanmi Oladele Alani is a Market Research Analyst and Training Manager with WebClick. His experience in the Agric field is vital for our clients. CSR Agbara.

Julius Adeolotu

Android App Developer, Database Administrator, Training Specialist

Julius Adeolotu is an Android App Developer and Database Administrator with WebClick. He is Result-oriented, Self-motivated & friendly. CSR Ibadan.

Oyinlade Demola

Oyinlade Demola
Programmer, Web & App Developer

Oyinlade Demola is a Web Developer, Android App Developer and Programmer with WebClick. He loves using his programming knowledge to solve everyday problems.

Ibrahim Nurudeen

Ibrahim Nurudeen - Web Developer
Database Manager, Web Developer

Ibrahim Nurudeen is an experience Web developer and Database Manager with WebClick. He is an experience Web Designer using HTML, CSS & Boostrap. CSR Ondo.

Gideon Olubi-Fadiora

Gideon Olubi-Fadiora - PHP Developer, UI Designer, Training Specialist
PHP Developer, Training Specialist, UI Designer

Gideon Olubi-Fadiora is a PHP Developer, UI Designer and Training Specialist with WebClick. He is an experience software engineer with years of practice.

Aemu Anthony

Aemu Anthony
PHP Developer, Programmer, Web Developer

Aemu Anthony is a Web Developer, PHP Developer & Programmer with WebClick. He brings his years of experience to create award winning website and solutions.

Samson Olorunfemi

Samson Olorunfemi
Brand Manager, Web Designer

Samson Olorunfemi is an experience Web Designer & Developer, Brand Manager, Training Coordinator & Manager & Training Specialist with WebClick.

Adebajo Opeoluwa

Adebajo Opeoluwa
UI Designer, Web Designer

Adebajo Opeoluwa is a Web Designer and UI Designer with WebClick. He is an experience IT specialist with various companies before joining us. CSR Surulere.

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Webclick is brilliant at creating customized packages for you, according to your requirements and your budget. And guess what? We don’t charge to consult you! So what are you waiting for?

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